Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors


William G. Smith, Chairman
Kevin P. Noel, Treasurer
Lucia B. Williams, Secretary



Regan P. Kelly
Bonita Cummings
Leroy Fisher

Executive Staff

Christopher Waiters began his career at NET Centers over 13 years ago. He has demonstrated natural leadership skills from the beginning which afforded him opportunities for professional growth and development in a relatively short period of time. After working in several direct service roles with youth and only 2 years after starting his tenure at NET he was promoted to a management position as the In-Home Detention (IHD) Supervisor (Juvenile Justice Services). He helped to transform the IHD program into one of the lead programs of its kind in the city. Within two years he was again promoted to Interim Director of the Consultation and Education (C and E ) program and tasked with both closing the program , which was being phased out by the city, and supporting NETs proposal to provide School Based Social Services (SBSS), a new service funded to replace C and E services. When NET was awarded the contract, Chris seamlessly moved into the role of SBSS Director. In this role he further developed his skills of engaging schools and communities. He created a diverse portfolio of in school services and supports for youth, largely by utilizing and strengthening community partnerships. After serving as SBSS Director, he was asked to help stabilize a newly acquired NET affiliate agency, Best Nest Inc., and served as the Director of In-Home Protective Services (IHPS). He led the agency to acquire the highest IHPS evaluation score in the agency’s history.

As IHPS was being phased out by the city when they moved to a new model under Improving Outcomes for Children (IOC) and Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA’s). Chris assisted in developing and presenting both of NETs IOC/ CUA proposals. He has been instrumental in the successful implementation of the IOC model from the beginning, initially serving as one of the first Case-Management Directors for the newly formed NET Community Care. When NET was awarded the CUA for the Strawberry Mansion section of the city, Chris moved into that region which is also the region where Chris was born and raised. Chris was eventually named CUA Director in August of 2017 and more recently promoted to the newly created position of Executive Director of NET Community Care, in which he leads and oversees both CUA regions. Chris, has a Bachelors in Social Relations and a Master of Public Administration from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, as well as a Master of Special Education from Saint Joseph’s University.

Traci Allen has 13 years of social service experience and a background investigating allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation. Traci loves working in child welfare and became very passionate about the safety, permanency and well-being of children. In 2016, Traci was promoted to a Case Management Supervisor and was able to train, coach and support her team. In 2017, she was promoted to a Case Management Director where she was able to oversee a unit of four teams and support staff. In July 2018, Traci was promoted as the NCC CUA 1 Director. In this role Traci works hand and hand with the Executive Director, CUA 7 Director, Operations Director, Case Management Directors, Supervisors, Case Managers and support staff to ensure all children and families are receiving the needed services and support they require to achieve safety, well-being and permanency.
Margaret Farmer is a Philadelphia native who has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 20 years. Her career is built on a foundation of Human Services with an emphasis on Child, Youth, and Family Services and Behavioral Health. Interwoven into Margaret’s career is a personal interest in social justice. She has supported fair education opportunities for children with learning disabilities, empowered at risk youth to achieve higher education and provided employment opportunities for persons served in re-entry programs. After earning a Master of Science degree in Organizational Development and Leadership, Margaret joined NET in 2014. As the CUA 7 Director for a dynamic team of professionals, Margaret’s mission is to guide service delivery utilizing the four primary outcomes outlined by Improving Outcomes for Children, maintaining more children’s safely in their own homes, more children achieving timely permanency, a reduction of congregate care and improved child, youth and family functioning.