Supplier Diversity Program Policy Statement

NorthEast Treatment Centers, Inc.
NET Treatment Services, Inc.


NorthEast Treatment Services, Inc. and NET Treatment Services, Inc., dba NET Community Care, (NET)are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit providers of a broad range of  behavioral health and social services to a  diverse mix of clients.

We inform all employees and independent contractors that “the single most important activity/focus of this organization centers around those we serve” and that “…we are therefore committed to seek nothing less than total excellence in the services we provide, responsible compassion and sensitivity to our diverse client population…”

In order to stay true to this value, NET is committed to maintaining a Board of Directors, workforce, and vendor group whose diversity are representative of our client population.

Policy Statement

NET is committed to fostering an open and competitive environment in its procurement of goods and services through its Supplier Diversity Program. This program is intended to be beneficial to both NET as the prospective buyer and the range of available and qualified vendors in the region. NET strives to make a good-faith effort in all its procurement activities to utilize minority-owned, women-owned, and disabled-owned businesses (MWDB) to meet its procurement needs. All efforts to contract and engage MWDB suppliers will be fair and impartial. No preference will be given to any business group or classification. The Supplier Diversity Program is specifically designed to increase MWDB participation in the provision of goods and services to the programs of NET. The purchasing staff of each NET’s program are provided on-going education and solicitation list resources to assist them in actively seeking out diverse suppliers through organizations that support the aforementioned business categories.


  • Actively seeks to partner with diverse suppliers:
    • Through organizations that support these business categories.
    • Through the use of the City of Philadelphia Office of Equal Opportunity and the City of Philadelphia Business Services web site.
  • Communicates contract opportunities via the NET’s website.
  • Tracks our efforts through NET’s Accounts Payable Department.
  • EncouragesNET employees to utilize minority owned, woman owned, and disabled owned business to expand and diversify NET’s existing supplier base.
  • Use the Philadelphia’s Business Database when searching out suppliers and small businesses to partner.
  • Trains all employees that make purchases to support NET’s Diversity Supplier Program.
  • Informs and trains new employees in the importance and participation in diversity and periodically re-train to ensure support and expansion of NET’s Diversity Program.

Kevin Noel, NET’s Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Administration,is responsible for compliance with NET’s Supplier Diversity Program. His contact information is as follows:

Kevin Noel
(215) 451-7159