Henry House Teen on Road to Success

When Tyra Reid first came to NET’s Henry House two years ago at age 16, she was struggling with issues like aggression and instability. “My grades were bad. I had an attitude. I didn’t think I would ever graduate from high school.”

Tyra as Captain of her high school cheerleading team

But through hard work and support from staff, Tyra’s grades improved and her attitude about her life began to change.  In fact, she successfully balanced her school work while leading her high school cheerleading squad as captain. She graduated on time last year.

“I owe a lot to staff like Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Melinda”, Tyra shares. “They helped me graduate from high school, get in touch with my family and keep focused.”

Tyra’s relationship with her family had been a longstanding source of tension. But while at Henry House, she has worked to improve communication among her mother and siblings, some of whom are in foster care. She is determined to keep her family connected and be a role model to her siblings.

Today with staff at Henry House
Today with staff at Henry House

Tyra shares Henry House with several other girls. As the oldest at 18, she feels an extra sense of responsibility to keep on the right path. The desire to be a role model fits well with the road she hopes her career will eventually take. Today, she is enrolled in Prism Career Institute working towards an associates degree in early childhood education.  “I love working with kids, especially toddlers. You can already see their personalities coming through and they have so much potential. I want to help them reach their potential.”