Awaiting Heart Transplant Gives New Life Perspective

Raymond Richardson is taking one day at a time. While in addiction recovery with NET’s Adult Services, he learns to appreciate each day he is drug-free.  And perhaps more importantly, while awaiting a heart transplant, he cherishes each day that gets him closer to receiving a new, stronger heart.

After Raymond was told by doctors at Hahnamann Hospital that he would need a heart transplant and only had a few months to live, everything changed. He was given an LVAD (Left Ventrical Assist Device) to wear to support his heart function and blood flow that would keep him alive. Doctors advised immediate treatment for his addiction to become healthy and prepare his body for an eventual new heart. His team at Hahnamann referred him to NET.

While Raymond waits for the call that he’s receiving a new heart, he continues treatment and improves his health. He says NET gives him the “willingness, inspiration and open mindedness” to persevere and take care of himself. His support system of others in recovery and staff member Vern Moore have taught him to value life and himself.

“I’ve recognized that there is life beyond drugs and alcohol and you can be happy without them,” he says. “My first goal is to hopefully get a new heart, then live drug-free and surround myself with people who also want to live drug-free.”