Medication Assisted Recovery

NET Steps

NET Steps is a Medication Assisted Recovery (MAR) program that provides methadone/buprenorphine (suboxone) maintenance and ambulatory detoxification. Created in 2003, the program is fully state licensed, state monitored, city inspected and federally approved by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

NET Steps was built upon a recovery model in which each person’s Higher Power is a major factor in his or her unique recovery process. A spiritually based, formal set of treatment interventions is designed to attain a state of remission and recovery from the common symptoms experienced by those suffering from the progressively fatal disease of opiate addiction.

The program takes a holistic approach to improving quality in all areas of life. Central to this is intensive focus on healing the broken spirit through the development of a recovery lifestyle and sober support system. This model requires a low client-to-staff ratio so therapeutic intensity can be maintained continuously. NET Steps prides itself on its sobriety rates, which are extraordinarily good.

In recognition of the vast needs of consumers, NET Steps offers accessibility, flexibility and individualization in treatment planning and delivery. Treatment schedules vary with respect to group days and times, frequency and length.

The program offers specialized recovery-focused counseling via Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient and Transition modalities, delivered through a combination of group, individual and family therapy. The heightened needs of some populations are further addressed through placement in one of the targeted specialty groups, which include a:

  • Women’s Track
  • Latino Track
  • Cocaine Track
  • Benzodiazepine Track
  • Relapse Prevention Track
  • Alternative Learning Track
  • Worker’s Track

The program is highly equipped to treat pregnant women, people who are experiencing co-occurring medical and/or mental health disorders, and those re-entering society following incarceration. Other services include addiction medicine, psychiatry, benefits management and some limited transportation. The program also hosts Methadone Anonymous meetings and maintains a Safe Haven environment.

NET Steps’ active People’s Advocacy Committee publishes a sophisticated newsletter entitled The NET-WORK. The Advocates proposed the idea of a children’s playroom, as a way to reduce a common barrier encountered for person’s entering treatment, specifically how to take care of their children when starting recovery. In addition to furnishing a playroom, NET Steps has created paid positions for Persons Served to work as the children’s caretakers.

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NET at Philadelphia Prison System (PPS)

This innovative program is provided “behind the walls” to methadone-maintained people within the various correctional facilities at PPS’s multi-site State Road campus. To be eligible, individuals must be actively enrolled in a bona fide Opiate Treatment Program (OTP) at the time of incarceration. NET at PPS has strived to fast track all newly incarcerated clients onto methadone via a “Guest Dosing” protocol. Services include assessment, methadone maintenance, individual and group counseling, and care by a physician specializing in addiction medicine.

“Bridge Dosing” is a specialized re-entry component that is offered to newly released inmates. Individuals receive short-term dosing at the NET Steps OTP Bridge Street location until they can be readmitted to their home OTP, thus preventing relapse.

The program, which started on a small scale, has evolved into a very fast-paced and high-volume operation. It operates 365 days a year.

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Medical professionals who are treating consumers and in need of immediate assistance during NET Steps’ off hours (7 pm-5 am) should call 215-808-9914. Please be prepared to provide client diagnosis and specific call-back information, which is required to satisfy confidentiality.