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Juvenile Justice and Prevention

In-Home Detention

Youth in this Philadelphia program participate in 22 to 25 hours of community-based activities per week and receive intensive supervision. Activities are designed to develop competencies, provide education, foster victim awareness and protect the community utilizing BARJ (Balanced And Restorative Justice) principles. All youth attend sessions focusing on drug and alcohol issues, sexual health, career development, community resources, and skill development. Additionally, they participate in activities coordinated in conjunction with Philadelphia organizations and grassroots efforts, such as the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and local recording studios. Youth workers monitor school attendance and curfew and report adjustment and recommendations back to the court. In-Home Detention (IHD) services can be customized to the needs of youth who may need focused intervention, such as job skills, financial literacy, and college counseling. Referrals are currently made through the CBDS (Community Based Detention Services) unit of the Youth Study Center.

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Group Home Intensive

The Henry House Group Home provides on-site services to adolescent females who are in need of supervised living, but who have not reached the threshold for a Residential Treatment Facility. Attention is paid to monitoring education and school services, independent living skills, activities of daily living, medical care and crises intervention. All youth are referred for behavioral healthcare services within the NET continuum as necessary and appropriate. Off-site services are referred as needed and monitored through case management services and youth worker support. Utilizing resiliency and strengths-based principles, case managers develop, provide and monitor services in collaboration with DHS. Referrals are made and accepted through the DHS Central Referral Unit.

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