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Children’s Behavioral Health Services

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Traditional outpatient treatment for children, adolescents and family is provided at our 5th and Spring Garden location. Therapists provide both individual and family therapy and, when needed, psychiatric assessment and medication management services are provided in conjunction with therapy. Some therapists are also trained to provide treatment to adolescents and adults who have been exposed to abuse, neglect, violence and other catastrophic life events.

Our staff are trained to provide trauma treatment to children between the ages of birth and 5 as well as their parents and caregivers. This is considered the lowest level of care and should always be considered first if a child has no history of behavioral health treatment.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) or “Wraparound”

Wraparound services are provided in home, school and community settings, either individually or in a group. The treatment team might consist of mobile therapists, behavioral specialists and therapeutic staff support personnel; this team collaborates with other systems and services that are being provided to the family. Wraparound services are generally not considered the first level of care; youth should have received outpatient services or some level of prior care. Services must be recommended by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist.

School Therapeutic Services

This program provides group and individual therapy as well as individual behavioral support to students within the public or charter school setting. The students who participate in the program are referred by the Philadelphia School District and their home school. NET provides these services in 6 elementary schools. The treatment team consists of a Master Level Lead Clinician who develops the comprehensive treatment plan for the school and family, as well as provides individual therapy and behavioral consultation, a Group Mobile Therapist, who provides weekly group therapeutic services, and the Behavioral Health Worker who works individually with the child within the classroom to address his/her goals.

Family-Based Mental Health Services

This serves as an alternative to traditional “wraparound” services. A team comprised of a lead clinician and a case manager provide intensive support to all members of the family in home, school, and community settings. The program takes a flexible approach to working with families, and there is careful coordination between the treatment team and other community resources. Services must be recommended by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist and authorized by Community Behavioral Health (CBH).

Family And Community Treatment (FACT) Program

Family And Community Treatment (FACT) is a less intensive family-based program that focuses on the family as a system and how the system effects the identified child. Staff provide clinical support to the child both individually and within the context of the family. Services can occur in the home, school, or community setting. Referrals to other services occur as needed.

SPIN-NET Philadelphia Autism Center for Excellence (PACE)

PACE is NET’s newest program and was formed in conjunction with SPIN. The program includes an array of services to children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder. Services include: EAS (Extended Assessment Services): EAS is an in-depth evaluation to help determine or clarify a diagnosis for children who may have autism, and make recommendations for services, supports and treatment as needed. Visits will occur in two to three hour blocks of time and could happen over several weeks.

BHRS: Similar to traditional BHRS however, staff are trained in Autism specific interventions.

Social Skills groups: Provided through our Outpatient department.

Summer Therapeutic Activities Program (STAP): A summer program specifically geared for children diagnosed on the ASD spectrum. Children benefit from the group environment but would have difficulty in a typical summer setting without support.

After School Program (ASP): An after-school program running from 3:30 to 6:30 specifically geared for children diagnosed on the ASD spectrum. Children must be able to benefit from the group environment. The focus is on social skill acquisition and development; there is no academic component.

Parent Training: This is an 8 week parent training focusing on developmental issues and challenges in raising a child with an ASD diagnosis. Parents participating in the program do not need to be participating in any other service or program with NET.

Outpatient Service: Psychiatric support as long as the child is receiving some other behavioral health service.